What is Ugly Mugs NL?

What is Ugly Mugs NL?

Ugly Mugs NL (UMNL) is an online platform for safer sex work. On this platform, sex workers can warn each other about aggressive and dangerous clients. As a sex worker you can use the platform to check new clients. You can also receive alerts when a dangerous customer is active in your area. This way you can avoid dangerous clients. And you and your colleagues can work more safely. 

Attention: Ugly Mugs NL is not a fakers list. 

Why is Ugly Mugs NL needed?

AIDSfonds - SOA AIDS Netherlands and PROUD researched stigma and violence among sex workers in the Netherlands. This research shows that 97% of sex workers in the Netherlands experience violence. Only 21% of this group reported it to the police out of fear for privacy violation. Or because they don’t have the right papers.  

Transgender and male sex workers are 4 times more at risk of violence than female sex workers.

Exposure to violence:

  • Can lead to long-term psychological, mental and emotional damage.
  • Increases the risk of getting an STI or HIV as a sex worker.
  • Creates an unsafe working environment

Our goal

We want to make sex work safer. This means

  • Making sure you can work safely
  • Helping you to report a crime
  • Helping you to get the right help and care

How can we help you?

Have you been confronted with violence? If so, you can report it to us.

  • We will post anonymized alerts on uglymugs.nl and let you know if there is an aggressive client in your area.
  • You can check if a colleague has already reported your new client at Ugly Mugs NL.  
  • With your permission we share your information anonymously with the police.
  • We help you to report an incident to the police. This way, the perpetrator can be traced, arrested and sentenced.
  • Have you experienced violence? Then we will make sure that you get help.

Where does Ugly Mugs NL come from?

Ugly mugs NL is based on the National Ugly Mugs (NUM) in England. They have been successfully helping sex workers to work safely and healthily since 2012.

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