Working safely

Are you a sex worker? Then you need to be able to work safely. You can reduce the risk of violence or danger. One way to do that is to check your client beforehand. And watch out for anything that might be dangerous. Call the police if necessary.

Has someone been violent? Get in touch with us. Become a member of Ugly Mugs NL and report violence. We’ll send a warning about that aggressive client to all sex workers who are Ugly Mugs members. And if you wish we’ll help you report the incident to the police, and get you any other help you need. 

Check your client

Check a client’s details before you meet them. That makes your work safer.

  • Sometimes you can find out something from a sex worker you know or via Google
  • Are you a member of Ugly Mugs? Then you can check with us whether your client’s phone number or email address has been reported by someone in the sex work community. If that number or email is on the list, then you know that a potential client has been difficult or aggressive. Become a member and check your client
  • There are also lists of ‘fakers’ , where you can check whether a client has ever not turned up to meet a sex worker
  • As an Ugly Mugs member, you can get warnings about any aggressive clients in your local area. We send you email or SMS alerts. 

On you can read about how to check a client

Recognise danger

You won’t always realise that a client is dangerous. But there are things you can watch out for. What’s most important is to trust your own intuition. Don’t take on a new client you have a bad feeling about.

You can often check beforehand whether a potential client is difficult. And if something feels wrong while you’re with them, you can always decide to stop.

On you can read about how to recognise danger, and what you should do if you’re in danger

Protect your privacy

It’s important to protect your personal details. Your name, for example. And where you live. If you don’t do that, people may find out you’re a sex worker. Or a client might discover where you live.

There are things you can do to protect your privacy. Like using a nickname for work. Having different phones for work and your personal life. And setting up extra laptop and mobile phone security.

On you can read about how to protect your privacy

Go to the police

Has something happened to you? Something violent? Or has someone stolen something of yours? You can report it to the police. You then ask the police to look into it.

Even if you don’t have a work permit, you can still report things to the police. You can do so without giving your name.

Are you a member of Ugly Mugs? Then we can help you report an incident. I would like help reporting something to the police.

Have you been to the police to report something and not been treated properly? Then you can make a complaint at the Complaints Desk for sex workers. They will support you in your contact with the police.

Make a complaint about the police.

On you can read about how to report an incident to the police

Help with recovery

Have you had a bad experience with a client? And are you looking for help to recover from that? Get in touch with the Sexual Assault Center. They can give you support.

Sexual Assault Center